Our Story


We aren’t just another exercise studio.

Three15 is a new concept that was conceived after a search for the perfect workout. I found that I loved barre, but I also loved cardio. Unfortunately, I could never find a class that allowed me to do both, so three15 was born. Three15 is a group exercise class in a studio that offers 15 minutes of cycling, 15 minutes of barre, and 15 minutes of strength work. 

Everyone has a different story and three15 wants to be a part of yours! At three15 our main goal is to challenge you physically and mentally. We want you to get out of your comfort zone! We wanted to create a place that welcomes everyone.  We want all shapes and sizes.

We are a place where you begin to make change happen, from the outside and from the inside. We want to be part of your story that makes change happen. 

Mandy Moseley


I received my degree from the University of Alabama in Nutrition.  While I was in college, I began teaching a variety of exercise classes.  In 2006 I opened Montgomery Adventure Boot Camp which allowed me to help over 2,000 people start a new chapter of their story.  It is my passion to help people learn about nutrition and to teach them and encourage them to have a more healthy lifestyle.

I am divorced with 4 children. I am remarried to an incredible man, who also happens to be my biggest cheerleader. I share that with you because I am a flawed human who has a messy story, but that messy story is what makes me. I had to make some difficult decisions in order to be in this position. I know what stepping out of your comfort zone in order to make change looks like.  Sometimes making the decision to start something new is the hardest part. We want to be your encourager and help you make that decision to join  three15 in order to make that change. 

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