Class Descriptions

three 15

three 15 is our signature class that combines 15 minutes of rhythm-based cycling, 15 minutes of barre and 15 minutes of strength work. We start each class with a warm-up on the bike and finish each class with a full body stretch.


thirty5 is a condensed version of our signature three 15 class. It is a class that was created to give clients all of the burn of a signature class in a shorter amount of time.

Bonus Ride

Bonus Ride is our signature three 15 class with the addition of a 20 minute “bonus” ride on the bike.

three 15 RIDE

three 15 RIDE is a rhythm- based cycle only class that incorporates the three 15 method focusing on legs for 15 minutes, arms for 15 minutes and your core for 15 minutes.


BASIC is a class that we encourage all of our new clients to attend to gain a better understanding of the three 15 method. This 45 minute class is a slower paced version of our signature three 15 class that will help you perfect your form.

Three15 at 3:15 for girls

three 15 at 3:15 for girls is a our signature three 15 class dedicated to girls that are in elementary and middle school that is offered after school once a week.